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Hi, I am Christa, a German Naturopath, Holistic Counsellor, NeuroGraphik® Trainer and Spiritual Teacher.

My deepest Purpose in life is to manifest the Gift of Enrichment for myself and others. The highest expression of my heart is Bliss.

I live to make you laugh. I am here to stir your heart and perhaps make you cry. I am here to share the huge variety of my interests and wisdom. I am here to remind you that life is rich if you know where to look. I am here to remind you that life is short, and you can seize the day as you have always done. I am a rare example of someone who is a master in the art of living. I totally live this archetype, so that everyone I touch will experience the loosening of their own seriousness, and thereby lessen the severity of their own suffering.

I belong to a group of the most mutative people on the planet. There is a force within me whose natural urge is to expand beyond limitations. As a natural synthesiser I am always striving to attain higher levels of integration in everything I do. My life's work could be summarised as the pulling together of all the many strands that I have collected and moved through.

I experienced strange periods when I could not make sense of my life or of the way that I felt. My golden rule was to never to question the way I felt or to give it a reason. It was and still is simply the patina of my chemistry. My life is like a painting or a piece of music. Every phase has its haunting beauty — even the sad ones. In fact, I made many leaps in frequency, the times when I felt lost and alone have been really the most magical of all.

My goal is to help you in your times of change with compassion and love.

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